Ceramic coatings or “nano coatings” are durable and harder than waxes and sealants. They can deliver intense water beading action and depending on the chemistry, the coating may also make cleaning easier and keep the paint surface cleaner for longer. Commonly used ceramic materials for coatings include SiC (silicon carbide), SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and Si3N4 (silicon nitride). Hybrid Ceramic Wax isn’t a coating, but it has SiO2 infused in a polymer matrix that delivers some of the qualities you find in coatings. Essentially it combines polymer molecules with an SiO2 core making it a hybrid between a polymer sealant and a ceramic coating. You end up with some of the characteristics of a ceramic coating like increased protection, durability, and an extreme water beading action. It doesn’t last as long as a ceramic coating, but it’s also a product that is much easier to apply and is less expensive.



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